The Barn

                                                  1713 N Erikson Knoll Lane
Host your next party at The Barn!
Facility Reservation Information
Each reservation includes 8-foot banquet tables, 6-foot round tables, folding chairs, banquet chairs, and cocktail tables available for your use. Staff will be available to assist in setting up and tearing down tables and chairs. Please note,  there is limited space for refrigeration, and cooking options are not available. The kitchen space is designed for use as a catering kitchen.
To reserve the clubhouse, please follow each step below.
Step 1: Review each document.
Step 2: Confirm the details of your event (e.g. date, availability) with the Overland Master Association by calling (801)679-2250. We will need the date of your event, duration, name, property address, and the number of expected attendees. 
Step 3: After your event is approved, please fill out the Reservation Form below.
Step 4: If a vendor will be servicing your event, please fill out the Vendor Permit form below.
Step 5: Remit Payment. Payment is accepted in the form of a check and made out to the Overland Master Homeowners Association.